Membership advantages

The Society for Risk Management and Regulation is a platform for its members

  • for the training of risk managers, 
  • to be part of a strong network in the fields of risk management and regulation,
  • to promote practice-oriented research and teaching,
  • to be a representative voice in international regulation discussions.   

There are three basic types of membership in the Society for Risk Management and Regulation: 

Full membership

Full members can be natural or legal persons. Membership fees for full membership are at least 10,000 euros per year. In the general meeting they will be entitled to one vote.

Premium membership

Premium members can be natural persons and legal entities. The membership fee for premium members is at least 20,000 euros annually.

Foundation membership

Foundation members can be natural or legal persons. They pay an additional extra contribution of at least 50,000 euros annually on top of the normal membership fee, and for every additional 50,000 euros additionally contributed, they receive an additional vote in the general meeting – up to a maximum of ten additional votes. Because of the higher number of votes, foundation members will have a greater influence on appointments to the board and thus the objectives and tasks of the institute as well as teaching and research contents.

Supporting membership

Supporting members are not ordinary members. They do not have a right to vote in the general meeting, but can participate. Supporting members provide a membership fee in agreement with the board of management – instead of making a financial contribution – in the form of payment in kind or in the following way: Supporting members can guarantee to accept to take on teaching activities, to fund research projects, to organise events such as conferences, to appoint speakers for lectures/events or to supply material resources. The activities rendered can be changed annually in agreement with the board of management. Every ordinary or legal person, who commits to supporting the society may be a supporting member.

Alumni Membership

Only students of the Master programmes supported by FIRM, Master of Finance at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management and Part-time Master in Finance at Goethe Business School, are eligible for an Alumni membership in FIRM. They do not have voting rights in the general meeting, but can participate. Students and graduates of the applicable academic programmes are entitled to free membership in FIRM for one year. The membership can be terminated with immediate effect following expiration of the first free year. All subsequent years are subject to an annual membership fee of 50.00 EUR.

Membership Fees

Fee schedule of Gesellschaft für Risikomanagement und Regulierung e.V.

Fee typeAnnual fees in EUR
Annual fee for Full member10,000
Additional annual fee for a Premium member10,000
Additional annual fee for a Foundation member50,000
Annual fee for a Personal member400
Annual fee for an Alumni member50